Dog Loves Books

Key Facts

  • Project status: In Development
  • Media: Stop Frame and 2D Animation
  • Author: Louise Yates
  • Audience: 3–6 year-old boys and girls
  • Territory: Worldwide
  • Copyrights: Random House Children’s Publishers
  • Network: TBC
  • Medium:  Television, interactive and home entertainment

Dog Loves Books is an animated series about a Dog and his best friend Pug. It is based on the books by the highly regarded author Louise Yates, Winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize. 

Dog runs a bookshop and he LOVES books.

Whenever he or Pug have a problem or a question, Dog knows the answer will lie in one of his books. When Dog opens the book and begins to read, he and Pug are swept away into a world of adventure and imagination where anything is possible. Dog and Pug often get completely lost in the books they read…

…but they are always back in time for tea and biscuits

 This series is about adventure, imagination, curiosity, exploration and friendship.


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