Key Facts

  • Project status: Now airing
  • Media: Stop frame animation
  • Audience: 36 year-olds
  • Territory: Worldwide
  • Copyrights: TTC Productions Ltd
  • Network: Channel 5 Milkshake
  • Medium: Television, interactive and home entertainment

Toby's Travelling Circus

Aimed at children aged 3–6, Toby’s Travelling Circus is a stop frame animation centred on Toby, a seven year-old boy who is the ringmaster of a travelling circus and fairground. Watched over by retired high-wire act turned full-time mum, Dolores, and joined by a host of marvellous performers, Toby has fantastic adventures, learning along the way how much can be achieved when you work as a team.

As of April 2012, Channel 5 milkshake! has commissioned two series of 52 ten-minute episodes of Toby’s Travelling Circus, which will run beyond 2013.

The first series is currently being broadcast on Channel 5 milkshake! every weekday at 08:35.

To find out about the production of Toby's Travelling Circus, see here.

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  • Toby
  • Toby
  • Delores
  • Clara
  • Norman
  • Jango
  • Li and Ling
  • Momo
  • Freddo
  • Thor
  • Thor
  • Line-up
  • Bish
  • Bash
  • Bosh
  • Caravan interior
  • Carousel
  • Cast
  • Full Ensemble
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  • EP26 - DANCING DODGEMS - 04.jpg
  • EP45 PIRATE CIRCUS_10-08-31-08_STILL 12.jpg
  • EP45 PIRATE CIRCUS_10-08-48-15_STILL 13.jpg
  • EP46 RIBBONS AND STRINGS_10-09-20-22_STILL 15.jpg
  • Ep25 - 10_08_00_00.jpg
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  • TTC_EP06_DOLORES FLIES_012.jpg
  • TTC_EP08_THOR ON FLOOR_010.jpg