In Production

Animated films are produced using a variety of different techniques, but the most popular approaches nowadays include 2D cartoon animation, 3D computer animation and 3D stop frame animation. Despite the differences in these methods the foundations for each are exactly the same, and the common thread running through all of them is that each frame has to be created from scratch.

The traditional way of producing animation is similar to 'live action' in that a script is needed to work from, but we also need designs for the characters and sets. From the script, a voice track is recorded and storyboards are prepared. The animators then work from these basic parameters to produce finished scenes. These scenes are edited together and a soundtrack is created by musicians and dubbing engineers to produce a completed programme that is ready to screen.

See below for more on the production of individual brands.

Producing Toby's Travelling Circus

Toby's Travelling Circus is a Komixx Entertainment-owned stop frame animation show aimed at 3–5 year-olds, and photographed and animated by MacKinnon & Saunders in Manchester. Production is currently underway on a second series.